Depression & Depressive Disorders

We all experience feelings of sadness and hopelessness from time to time depending on what is happening in our life. However, many of us may experience symptoms of a mental health condition known as depressive disorders. Depressive symptoms involve persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest.

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Anxiety & Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is an emotion that we all experience, and is in fact part of being human. However, for some of us, our anxious feelings are more than we can manage and end up interfering with our daily life. Anxiety disorders are a group of disorders characterized by excessive fear, anxiety and related behavioural disturbances.

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Person with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)

Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders involve preoccupations and behavioural rituals that are excessive, persistent and cause a person distress. They feel compelled to engage in certain ritualized behaviours despite the consequences. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is the most commonly known and treated disorder.

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Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are a group of disorders where a person’s ways of thinking, behaving and feeling interpersonally is rigid, inflexible and unhealthy.  The person has difficulty in accurately perceiving other people and relating to them effectively as well as managing their thoughts, feelings and behavior. Personality disorders are chronic conditions and show up early in […]

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Trauma & Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Many people experience trauma in their life of varying type and intensity. We all respond differently to a traumatic event. Trauma can have a negative impact on our psychological and emotional well-being. A traumatic event is one that shatters our sense of feeling safe and ability to assume predictability in life. There are many different […]

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Relationship Problems

Humans were designed to be social creatures, so our relationships are important to our overall well-being. Of course, some relationships are more important than others, just as we feel closer to some people in our lives more than others. The quality of our relationships affects our mental and physical well-being. We all have experienced that […]

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Health & Disability

Sometimes psychological issues are a consequence of our physical health condition. These can be a response to a single incident – such as an accident or a cancer diagnosis – or the result of being in a constant state of stress and anxiety, such as suffering from a chronic health issue like irritable bowel syndrome. […]

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Loss & Adjustment Difficulties

Losing someone important to us such as a parent, partner or friend is very difficult. Grief is a normal response to the loss of a loved one. And although such a response is normal, it’s not easy and we often need the support of other people to get us through such painful periods. We need […]

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Other Areas We Treat

Many people who see a psychologist don’t have a mental health diagnosis. The best way to know if we can help you is to contact us and ask. We are always happy to talk with potential clients and figure out if we can provide help before you book an appointment. We consult with clients on […]

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Work & Academic Stress

We spend most of our lives in school and our jobs. Even if we love our work, these situations can produce stressful moments and situations, often compounding the “regular” stress in our lives. Stress is common to human life, but sometimes the stress we experience in these settings can start to wear us down and […]

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Questions and Answers

You probably have many questions as you look towards finding mental health support for yourself, a loved one or a patient. We would love to help address the problems you have.

Frequently Asked Questions