Relationship Problems

Humans were designed to be social creatures, so our relationships are important to our overall well-being. Of course, some relationships are more important than others, just as we feel closer to some people in our lives more than others. The quality of our relationships affects our mental and physical well-being. We all have experienced that moment when someone we care about says something hurtful. Problems in a relationship can make us feel helpless and, over the long-term, contribute to depression and anxiety. 

Sometimes even if the problem is a difficult family member or micromanaging boss, one can benefit from therapy that assists them in understanding how they think about and deal with relationships that make their lives better or worse. For instance, some people have a hard time maintaining boundaries. They feel they can never say no.  The less time your have for yourself and your own self-care the worse you start to feel. Sometimes people have difficulty managing emotions in relationships and communicating their needs. Other people have difficulty with empathy. 

Some of the issues clients have come to us for include: 

  • Difficulty asserting oneself at work
  • Difficulty maintaining boundaries in their family or at work
  • Difficulty coping with being a caregiver to a family member
  • Having problems with an employer or colleagues at work
  • Unresolved feelings towards a parent
  • Constantly feeling like one does not have close friends
  • Feeling hurt by rejection by a romantic partner