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How to prepare psychologically and financially for retirement

Dr. Saunia Ahmad and Georgia Swan, Tax and Estate Planner, TD Wealth, join Kim Parlee to talk about ways you can prepare both emotionally and financially on MoneyTalk.

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The Weather Network

Use these three simple tricks to boost your mood on a gloomy day

Many of us feel a little down on gloomy, dreary days, so how can we help ourselves feel better? Dr. Saunia shares some easy tips.

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The Weather Network

Don’t Let the Weather Get You Down

Dr. Saunia shares some easy strategies to boost your mood on those days the weather has you down.

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toxic positivity

‘Toxic Positivity’ and ‘Good Vibes’ Sends the Wrong Message about Emotions

Dr. Saunia speaks with CBC on why focusing on positive emotions only can have a negative impact on mental health.

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therapy speak

The Problem With Talking Like A Therapist When You’re Not A Therapist

Dr. Saunia Ahmad talks with Chatelaine to debunk common misunderstandings about mental health terms.

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new years 2023

How to Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

Watch Dr. Saunia talk about simple strategies you can use to stick to your New Years goals in 2023.

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Therapists give their top tips for overcoming depression after a breakup

Therapists give their top tips for overcoming depression after a breakup

Dr. Saunia Ahmad talks about strategies to cope with a relationship break up and differentiates between normal sadness and depression following a breakup. Read Article.

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What is Fueling Family Estrangement

Watch Dr. Saunia Ahmad on The Agenda with Steve Paikin discuss the recent trends fueling family estrangement with co-panelists Dr. Joshua Coleman and Dr. Becca Bland.

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Globe and Mail

Tips on keeping your marriage together in retirement

Dr. Saunia Ahmad speaks with Globe and Mail about how couples entering retirement can use this time as an opportunity to enhance their relationship. Read Article.

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