Work & Academic Stress

We spend most of our lives in school and our jobs. Even if we love our work, these situations can produce stressful moments and situations, often compounding the “regular” stress in our lives. Stress is common to human life, but sometimes the stress we experience in these settings can start to wear us down and interfere with our ability to be productive and enjoy what we are doing. Here are some reasons people have come to see us:

  • Procrastination, difficulty with motivation and completing tasks
  • Difficulty asserting oneself with people who are in a position of power 
  • Difficulty with finding work-life balance
  • Poor physical health such as irritable bowel syndrome or heart issues related to workplace stress
  • Drug or alcohol use to cope with stress
  • Constant conflict with others 
  • Difficulty with setting boundaries around work load, feeling overworked
  • Feeling lack of joy or  control over the work assigned
  • Dealing with a toxic environment