Jessica Soliman, Office Administrator

Jessica Soliman

Jessica completed her Specialized Honours Bachelor’s in Psychology at York University and will be starting at the University of Toronto’s OISE Counselling Psychology program in September 2022, to become a psychotherapist in the future. Jessica has had experience working at other clinics and research labs within the GTA and has gained a wide breadth of knowledge in the field of psychology during her academic and professional career thus far. She has also completed her Specialized Honours Thesis which focuses on developing an intervention strategy to increase bicultural identity integration in both bicultural and biracial individuals. Jessica has been a member of the Toronto Psychology Clinic for over a year. She first started off as a volunteer and is now the Office Administrator at the TPC. Through the work that Jessica does, she hopes to facilitate a warm and accepting environment and to bridge the gap that many individuals, particularly those in marginalized communities, face when it comes to accessing mental health resources.