Dr. Kaley Roosen, PhD, CPsych

Kaley Roosen is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with competencies in Clinical, Counseling, and Health Psychology for Adults and Adolescents with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. She has experience with individual, couple and group therapy using evidence-based approaches.

Education & Training

Kaley has been providing psychotherapy since she began her MA/PhD in Clinical Psychology at York University in 2008. During both her masters and doctoral studies, Kaley was a Vanier Scholar and she was awarded several competitive scholarships that included funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). These scholarships are awarded to top-tier graduate students and was awarded for her research on trauma and chronic pain. She later won the Canadian Psychology Association Certificate of Excellence for her dissertation on disordered eating in women with disabilities.

In addition to her role as a clinical and clinical health psychologist at the Toronto Psychology Clinic, Kaley was a Health Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) where she was part of a team providing an innovative day hospital program for adolescents and their families struggling with mental health issues and comorbid health problems, disordered eating, obesity and body dissatisfaction. The objective of this program was to provide teens and their parents with healthy lifestyle programming that has a holistic, mind-body approach to care. 

Previously, Kaley has worked/trained at the Borderline Personality Disorder Clinic at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) where they specialize in DBT, the Women’s Program (CAMH), York University Psychology Clinic (YUPC), Toronto General Hospital’s Cardiac Health Psychology and Behavioural Cardiology Program, North York General Hospital’s Outpatient and Inpatient Mental Health Program, Concurrent Disorders – Eating Disorder and Addiction Program (CAMH), and Pembroke Regional Hospital’s Community Mental Health Program.

Theoretical Approach

Kaley has a client-centered approach to psychotherapy. She has extensive experience in providing evidence-based approaches that include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) 
Psychodynamic/Relational Therapy
Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)
Systemic Therapy for Couples and Families 
Narrative Therapy
Biofeedback Therapy   

Kaley Roosen works with a broad range of issues that include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Life Adjustment/Relational Concerns
  • Stress Management
  • Eating disorders and other eating issues (e.g., binge eating, emotional eating, chronic dieting)
  • Body image struggles
  • Complex PTSD/trauma
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Individuals with chronic illness/disability
  • Chronic pain, disability-related impairments, and cardiac conditions.
  • People dealing with systemic barriers related to ableism (discrimination towards disabled people), racism, transphobia, homophobia, weight discrimination and sexism.

Research, Teaching and Advocacy

Kaley’s research interests include health psychology, accessibility of mental health services and eating disorders particularly for women with disabilities. 

In addition to research, Kaley is an active advocate for a disability-affirming approach to therapy and health services which challenges stereotypes experienced by those with disabilities, and promotes a balanced perspective of disability including the idea that one’s disability is both an important aspect of one’s identity, yet is not the only defining factor. She has been awarded the Body Confidence of Canada Award for disability advocacy work with women with disabilities and the  Soroptimist Award for Women.

Kaley has frequently been invited to provide training, workshops and courses in various areas of psychology for conferences and universities, particularly around topics of providing disability-affirmative care. She has been published in peer-reviewed journals, provided presentations at national/international conferences and is an invited peer reviewer for several academic journals.

Personal Background:

​Kaley is a disabled woman and a mother. Her social justice work is intersectional in nature and allows for frequent collaborations with members of other marginalized groups from diverse cultural backgrounds including those of the LGBTQ+ community. 


American Psychological Association (APA)
Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)
Ontario Psychological Association (OPA)
Academy of Eating Disorders
Association of Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) which promotes a Health-At-Every-Size© (HAES) approach to weight, body image and eating

Invited Peer-Reviewer for following Journals

Eating Behaviours
Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada
Journal of Health Psychology
Health Psychology Open
Critical Disability Discourses (Editor)

Peer-Reviewed Academic Publications:

Katz, J., Fasler, S. R., Wicks, C., Page, M. G., Roosen, K. M., Kleiman, V., & Clarke, H. (2017). Sensitivity to Pain Traumatization Scale: Development, validation, and preliminary findings. Journal of Pain Research, 10, 1297-1316. click here to read

Roosen, K. M., & Mills, J. S. (2016). What persons with physical disabilities can teach us about obesity. Health Psychology Open, 3 (1), 1-3. click here to read

Roosen, K. M., & Mills, J. S. (2015). Exploring the motives and mental health correlates of intentional food restriction prior to alcohol use in university students. Journal of Health Psychology, 20(6), 875-886. ​click here to read

Roosen, K. M. (2009). From ‘tragedy’ to ‘crip’ to ‘human’: The need for multiple understandings of disability in psychotherapy. Critical Disability Discourses, 1, 1-25. click here to read

Book Chapters:

Roosen, K. M., & Mills, J. S. (2014). Body Image, Overview. In Teo, T. (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology (pp. 179-185). New York, NY: Springer.  

Mills, J. S., Roosen, K., & Vella-Zarb, R. (2011).  The psychology of body image: Understanding body image instability and distortion. In S. B. Greene (Ed.), Body Image: Perceptions, Interpretations, and Attitudes (pp. 59-80). New York: Nova Science Publishers.

Book Reviews:

Roosen, K. M. (2014). Review of Becoming Women by Carla Rice. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 3(3), 129-136click here to read

Selected Conference Presentations:

Roosen, K. M., & LaMarre, A. (2017, May). Eating Disorders & “The Other”: Exploring what the Professional Brings and What They Leave Behind. Presented at the National Eating Disorder Information Centre Body Image & Self-Esteem Conference. Toronto, ON. 

Roosen, K. M. (2016, June). Hidden in plain sight: The need for trauma-informed, disability affirmative care for disabled women. Presented at Trauma Talks 2016 Speaking the Unspoken: Advocacy for Trauma-Informed Care. Toronto, ON. 

Roosen, K. M. (2015, April). The disabled body: Navigating ableism and inaccessibility. Paper presentation as part of the Body Image and LGBT SIG Panel: Body Shaming: Stigma can come in many forms. Co-presenters: M. Peaslee Levine, M. Maine, & D. A. Carlsen. International Conference on Eating Disorders. Boston, MA.

Roosen, K. M., & Mills, J. S. (2012, May). Drunkorexia: Understanding co-morbid food restriction and alcohol abuse in a sample of female university students. Paper presented at the International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED). Austin: TX.

Roosen, K. M. (2011, June). Psychological health research: Can disability studies and psychology co-exist? Presentation for Organized Panel: Disability in the field: What the researcher brings and leaves behind. Co-Authors: J. Rinaldi, M.A. & A. Goodfellow, M.A. Society for Disability Studies Conference. San Jose, CA.

Roosen, K. M., Hitzig, S. L., McGillivray, C. F., & Craven,B. C. (2010, October). Comparison of health and quality of life outcomes between persons with non-traumatic versus traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: A case-control study. Paper presented at the 4th National Spinal Cord Injury Conference. Niagara Falls, ON.

Selected Invited Speaker:

Jun. 9, 2017, May, 2016 & Mar. 18, 2015 – Invited Speaker – Psychology and disability: Minimizing ableism in the counselling room. Psychology Month Talk. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Toronto, ON.  Watch here

Apr. 17, 2015 – Invited Speaker with D. Zener – Rethinking the intersection between eating disorders and people with disabilities – Implications for treatment. National Eating Disorder Information Centre’s Body Image & Self-esteem Conference. Toronto, ON.

Apr. 15, 2014 – Workshop Facilitator – Clinical implications of eating disorders in women with physical disabilities. National webinar for National Eating Disorders Information Centre (NEDIC).

Feb. 12, 2013 – Workshop Facilitator – Health at Any Size: A workshop for women with disabilities. Expanding the Reach: Empowering Women Living with Disabilities: Scarborough Women’s Centre. Toronto, ON.

Click here for a complete list of Dr. Kaley Roosen’s conference presentations and speaking engagements