Aman Singh

Aman has held various positions in corporate settings, with extensive experience in administrative and human resources functions. Her passion for her work and willingness to further develop herself professionally, motivated her to relocate in her previous role, to Manitoba where she gained extensive knowledge in Employee Relations, Recruitment, Training and Development. In this position, Aman works closely with the TPC Director and administrative staff providing expertise in planning, and coordinating
projects, analyzing business metrics and performing general tasks to enhance work operations. In addition to providing administrative support, Aman is utilizing her human resources knowledge to build recruitment strategies to attract highly qualified and diverse individuals to our growing clinic.

Personal Background

Aman was born in Edmonton, Alberta, to parents of East Indian descent. Shortly thereafter, her family relocated to Toronto, Ontario where she has spent majority of her life. For many years, Aman has been on a journey of self-discovery which has influenced her personal and professional goals. She finds balance by maintaining a spiritually focused life, which causes her to organically gravitate to paths that allow her to expand to her fullest potential. She thrives in group setting where people positively benefit from one another’s energetic influence.