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New Year 2020 resolutions book
Toronto Star

How to Stick to your New Year’s Resolution

Dr. Saunia Ahmad explains why people fail on following through on their New Year’s Resolution and describes easy to apply strategies on how to be successful in 2020.

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CBC Here and Now interviews Dr. Saunia Ahmad

Here and Now radio speaks with Dr. Saunia Ahmad to learn her views on the benefits of a program of research examining CBT adapted for South Asians at CAMH

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Globe and Mail

CAMH to develop CBT for South Asians

Globe and Mail gets Dr. Saunia Ahmad’s opinion on the new initiative at CAMH to develop a culturally adapted CBT for South Asians

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Alcohol Consumption and Calorie Counting

CBC gets Dr. Kaley Roosen’s expert opinion on providing calorie count labels to alcohol and how alcohol may be replacing food intake.

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Premier Doug Ford Criticized for calling CAMH Patient a ‘Nutcase’

CityNews has Dr. Saunia Ahmad weigh in on the negative impact of the Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s comments following the news that a patient diagnosed with a mental health issue escaped from CAMH forensic unit.

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Family Estrangement
Global News

‘I have no regrets’: What it’s like to be Estranged from Family

Dr. Saunia Ahmad talks with Aarti Patel of Global News about how family estrangement may be necessary when a relationship is toxic to one or both people.

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Global News

‘I’ve never regretted it’: Why couples are still choosing arranged marriage

Global News special for valentines day speaks with Dr. Saunia Ahmad about how South Asian couples find love through an arranged marriage

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Global News

Marriage, then love — Why arranged marriages still work today

Aarti Patel gets Dr. Saunia’s opinions on why arranged marriage is still highly regarded and effective for modern day South Asian couple.

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The Star

How to deal with heartbreak

Toronto Star’s Sofi Papamarko asks Dr. Saunia Ahmad for coping strategies on how people can deal with a recent relationship break up

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