Dr. Saunia Ahmad’s Publications and Presentations

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Fergus, K., Ahmad, S., Gardner, S., Ianakieva, I., McLeod, D., Stephen, J., Carter, W., Periera, A., Warner, E., & Panchaud, J. (2021). Couplelinks online intervention for young couples facing breast cancer: A randomised controlled trial. Psycho-Oncology. Read article

Ahmad, S., Fergus, K., & Shatokhin, K., Gardner, S. (2016). The Closer ‘We’ Are, the Stronger ‘I’ Am: The Impact of Couple Identity on Cancer Coping Self-Efficacy. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. Read article

Ahmad, S. & Reid, D.W. (2016). Enhancing the Relationship Adjustment of South Asian Canadian Couples using a Systemic-Constructivist Approach to Couple Therapy. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy,42(4), 615 – 629Read abstract

Ianakieva, I., Fergus, K., Ahmad, S., Pos, A. & Pereira, A. (2016). A model of engagement promotion in a professionally facilitated online intervention for couples affected by breast cancer. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 42(4), 701-715. Read abstract

Fergus, K.D., AhmadS., Ianakieva, I.R., McLeod, D., & Carter, W. (2017). Metaphor and meaning in an online creative expression exercise to promote dyadic coping in young couples affected by breast cancer, Arts & Health, 9(2), 139-153. Read abstract

Ahmad, S., Fergus, K. & McCarthy, M. (2015). Psychosocial issues experienced by young women with breast cancer: the minority group with the majority of need. Current opinion in supportive and palliative care. 9(3), 271-278. Read article

Fergus, K.D., Ahmad, S., McLeod, D., Stephen, J., Gardner, S., Pereira, A., Warner, E., & Carter, W. (2015). Couplelinks – An online intervention for young women with breast cancer and their male partners: Study protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial. BMC Trials16(1), 33. Read article

Carter, W., Fergus, K.D., Ahmad, S., McLeod, D. & Stephen, J. (2015). Defining the role of the online therapeutic facilitator: Principles and guidelines developed for Couplelinks, an online support program for couples affected by breast cancer,  1(1), Journal of Medical Internet Research: Cancer. Read article

Ahmad, S. &  Reid, D. (2009, March). Cultivating Cultural Competence: Understanding and Integrating Cultural Diversity in Psychotherapy. News You Can UseDivision 29, Division of Psychotherapy, American Psychological Association.  Read article 

Ahmad, S., & Reid, D. W. (2008). Relationship Satisfaction among South Asian Canadians: The Role of ‘Complementary-Equality’ and Listening to Understand. Interpersona: An International Journal on Personal Relationships 2(2), 131-150. Read article

Reid, D., Doell, F., Dalton, J, &  Ahmad, S. (2008). Systemic Constructivist Couple Therapy (SCCT):  Description of approach, theoretical advances, and published longitudinal evidence. Psychotherapy Theory, Research, Practice, Training, 45(4),477-490. Read article

Book Chapters

Reid, D.W. & Ahmad, S. (2015). Identification with the relationship as essential to marital resilience: Theory, application and evidence. In Couple resilience across the lifespan: Emerging perspectives. In K. Skerrett & K. Fergus (Eds.). Couple resilience across the lifespan: Emerging perspectives. (pp. 139-161). Netherlands: Springer SBM.​ Click here to read abstract

National and International Conference Presentations

Fergus, K., Ahmad, S., Matthew, A., Classen, C. C.,  Ritvo, P. (2015, August). Innovative online psychosocial interventions in cancer care: Turning virtuality into reality. Symposium accepted for Division 38 (Health Psychology), American Psychological Association (APA) 123rd Annual Convention, Toronto, Canada.

Fergus, K., Back R., Ahmad, S., Stephen, J., McLeod, D., Male, D., Carter, W., Panchaud, J., & Taylor Brown, J. (2014, May). Online therapeutic alliance building with breast cancer patients and their partners: Thematic analyses of internet correspondence between facilitator and client. Paper presented at the Canadian Association for Psychosocial Oncology Annual Conference, Winnipeg, MB.

Fergus, K., McLeod, D., Stephen, J., Carter, W., Ahmad, S., Gardner, S., Warner, E., Pereira, A. (2013, November).  An online relationship focused intervention for young couples affected by breast cancer: Findings of a feasibility study.  Volume 22, Supplement 3, page 112. Special Issue: Abstracts of the IPOS 15th World Congress of Psycho-Oncology, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

Ahmad, S., & Reid, D. (2014, June) Cultural Adaptation of Systemic-Constructivist Couple Therapy (SCCT) for Distressed South Asian Couples. In D. Reid (moderator). Systemic-Constructivist Couples Therapy (SCCT):  Identifying Core Mechanisms of Change and Evaluating Application across Diverse Groups. Symposium paper presented at the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR) conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ahmad, S. & Reid, D. (2009, August). Cultural Adaptation of Systemic-Constructivist Couple Therapy with South Asian Canadians: Analysis of Outcome and Process Variables. Poster presented at the American Psychological Association (APA) 117th Annual Convention, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ahmad, S., Reid, D. (2009, May). Enhancing South Asian Partners’ Couple Identity: A Systemic-Constructivist Approach to Culturally Effective Couple Therapy. In J. Hilborn (moderator) Self-Change Processes in Psychotherapy: Analysis of Individual and Couple Therapy. Symposium paper presented at the Society for Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) Silver Anniversary Conference, Seattle, Washington, US.

Ahmad, S. & Reid, D. (2008, September) Cultural Adaptation of Systemic-Constructivist Couples Therapy for South Asians: Exploring the Mechanisms of Change. Paper presented at the 2008 North American Society for Psychotherapy Research (NASPR) conference, New Haven, Connecticut, United States.

Hambley, J., Lee, J., Lee., W., Stoduto, G., Ahmad, S., MacDonald, S. (2006) Predictors of Alcohol Treatment Outcomes among Clients Attending a Residential Program:  Preliminary Findings of a 6-month Follow-Up Study. Paper presented at the 18th Annual Scientific Conference at the Canadian Society of Addictions Medicine (CSAM), Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Ahmad, S., & Reid, D. (2005, June). Traditionalism, listening to understand, and marital satisfaction: A study of Indians and Pakistanis in Canada. Paper presented at the 66th Annual Convention of the Canadian Psychological Association, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Hambley, J., & Ahmad, S. (2005, November). Predictors of alcohol and drug treatment outcomes: A 6-month follow-up of clients attending a residential treatment program. Paper presented at the First Annual Conference of the Canadian Centre Ontario Substance Abuse, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.