Research &

In addition to psychological assessment and psychotherapy, we continually advocate for a broader understanding of mental health. Our research and published insight primarily focuses on the following areas:

Culture & Diversity

A person’s cultural values and beliefs play an important role in how they think, feel and behave. Our associates have trained in programs that value and encourage understanding of the role of culture and diversity in a person’s psychology.

Dr. Saunia Ahmad completed her dissertation on the topic of couple therapy with couples of South Asian background. Learn more by visiting South Asian Couple Therapy Project

Evidence-Based Couple Therapy

Our associates are engaged in training in evidence-based models of couple therapy. Additionally, some of us have conducted research trials evaluating the effectiveness of various models of couple therapy. Dr. Saunia Ahmad completed a series of publications on couple therapy (view publications)

Disability & Accessibility

Dr. Kaley Roosen, a psychologist in supervised practice at the Toronto Psychology Clinic, is a woman with disability. She is a major advocate for services for people with disabilities. She conducted research on disordered eating and body image among women with disabilities. Learn more about her work

Gender/Sexual Identity

Associates at our clinic have experience working with people of diverse sexual and gender identity. Creating a safe space for you to explore your concerns and issues related to gender and sexuality is a priority for us.

Chronic Illness

Physical health issues can take a toll on our emotional and psychological well-being. Psychotherapy can be effective in helping people integrate the changes that come with major illness such as cancer in their lives. Dr. Ahmad and her associates have.